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Red Cricket Ball
Cricket Ball

A cricket ball is a hard, solid ball used to play Cricket which consists of cork covered by leather. Its manufacture is heavily regulated by cricket law at first class level. The manipulation of a cricket ball, through employment of its various physical properties, is the staple component of bowling and dismissing batsmen – movement in the air, and off the ground, is influenced by the condition of the ball and the efforts of the bowler, while working on the cricket ball to obtain an optimum condition is a key role of the fielding side. The cricket ball is the principal manner through which the batsman scores runs, by manipulating the ball into a position where it would be safe to take a run, or by directing the ball through the boundary.

Types of Cricket Balls

White Balls

A white Cricket Ball

White balls are used in many limited overs cricket matches, especially those involving floodlights (day/night games). This is because a red ball under yellow floodlights takes on a brownish color which is very similar to the color of the pitch.

Red Balls

A red cricket ball is a ball normally used in One day Matches and T20s and is the default ball of Cricket.

Dangers of Cricket Ball

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Cricket balls are notoriously hard and potentially lethal, hence today's batsmen and close fielders often wear protective headgear.

Indian cricketer Raman Lamba died when a cricket ball hit his head in a club match in Dhaka. Lamba was fielding at forward short-leg without wearing a helmet when a ball struck by batsman Mehrab Hossain hit him hard on the head and rebounded to wicket-keeper Khaled Mashud.