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Members of the International Cricket Council. Full Members are shown in orange, Associate members in yellow and Affiliate Members in purple.

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All members of the International Cricket Council (ICC) on this list are recognised by the ICC as the governing body of the sport of cricket in their respective nations or geographic area. The ICC was founded at Lord's on 15 June 1909 as the Imperial Cricket Conference,[1] with Australia, England, and South Africa as its founding members. In the beginning, only countries within the commonwealth could join.[2] These members were then joined by India, New Zealand, and the West Indies in 1926 and later by Pakistan in 1953.[3] In 1961, South Africa resigned due to their leaving the Commonwealth.[3] The Imperial Cricket Conference was renamed the International Cricket Conference in 1965 with new rules permitting countries from outside the Commonwealth to be elected in to the governing body for the first time.[2] Any new member elected to the governing body could only be an Associate Member with the possibility of being promoted to a Full Member. The first Associates were Fiji and the USA.[2] In 1989, the ICC was again renamed, this time to International Cricket Council.[2] South Africa was reelected as a Full Member to the ICC in 1991 and Zimbabwe was elected in 1992.[3] The most recent new Full Member is Bangladesh, which was elected in 2000.[3] The ICC currently has 106 members.[4]

Membership is a hierarchy and there are three categories of membership: Full Members, Associate Members, and Affiliate Members.[2] In the highest category, there are 10 Full Members. Below the Full Members are the 36 Associate Members. In the lowest category, there are 60 Affiliate Members.

Full Members[]

Full Members are the governing bodies for cricket in a country or associated countries. Full Members may also represent a geographical area. All Full Members have a right to send one representative team to play official Test matches. Also, all Full Member nations are automatically qualified to play ODIs and Twenty20 Internationals.[2] West Indies cricket team does not represent one country, but rather an amalgamation of over 20 countries and territories from the Caribbean. The English Cricket team represents both England and Wales.

Nation Governing body Member since Current ODI Rankings Current Test RankingsB Current T20 Rankings
File:Flag of Australia.svg Australia Cricket Australia 01909-07-1515 July 1909[2] 4 3 6
File:Flag of Bangladesh.svg Bangladesh Bangladesh Cricket Board 02000-06-2626 June 2000[2] 9 9 9
File:Flag of England.svg England England and Wales Cricket Board 01909-07-1515 July 1909[2] 1 2 3
File:Flag of India.svg India Board of Control for Cricket in India 01926-05-3131 May 1926[2] 3 5 5
File:Flag of New Zealand.svg New Zealand New Zealand Cricket 01926-05-3131 May 1926[2] 8 8 8
File:Flag of Pakistan.svg Pakistan Pakistan Cricket Board 01953-07-2828 July 1953[2] 6 4 4
File:Flag of South Africa.svg South Africa Cricket South Africa 01909-07-1515 July 1909A[2] 2 1 2
File:Flag of Sri Lanka.svg Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Cricket 01981-07-2121 July 1981[2] 5 6 1
File:WestIndiesCricketFlagPre1999.svg West Indies West Indies Cricket Board 01926-05-3131 May 1926[2] 7 7 7
File:Flag of Zimbabwe.svg Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Cricket 01992-07-066 July 1992[2] 10 Unranked 10

AResigned May 1960, readmitted 10 July 1991.

BTeams with no ranking have not played enough qualifying matches to be ranked

Top Associate/Affiliate Members[]

None of the associate and affiliate members are qualified to play Test Cricket, however ICC grants One Day International status to its associate and affiliate members based on their success in the World Cricket League. The top six teams will be awarded One day international and Twenty20 International status, which will allow the associate and affiliate teams to be eligible to play the full members and play official ODI cricket.

The associate and affiliate teams who currently hold ODI and T20I status are listed below. Of these six teams, Afghanistan is the only affiliate member; the remaining five teams are all associate members.

Nation Governing body Member since Current ODI Rankings Current T20 Rankings A
File:Flag of Afghanistan.svg Afghanistan Afghanistan Cricket Federation 02001-01-012001[5] 14 Not ranked
File:Flag of Canada.svg Canada Cricket Canada 01968-01-011968[2] 16 Not ranked
File:Cricket Ireland flag.svg Ireland Cricket Ireland 01993-01-011993[2] 11 9
File:Flag of Kenya.svg Kenya Cricket Kenya 01981-01-011981[2] 13 Not ranked
File:Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands Koninklijke Nederlandse Cricket Bond 01966-01-011966[2] 12 Not ranked
File:Flag of Scotland.svg Scotland Cricket Scotland 01994-01-011994[2] 15 Not ranked

AT20 Rankings are based on Win Percentage of all International T20 matches played, including matches played against Full Members.

Associate Members[]

Associate members are countries where cricket is firmly established and organised but do not qualify for Full Membership.[2] There are 36 Associate Members, Suriname being the recently promoted.[6] Associates that have qualified for the World Cricket League Division 1 are awarded ODI status until the following ICC World Cup Qualifier, which will take place in 2013.[7] They are also awarded Twenty20 status.[8] Also, all Associates are eligible to play in the ICC World Cricket League.[9] There is also a ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier that works as a qualification process for ICC World Twenty20 that occurs every two years.

An associate member must maintain the following criteria along with other administration requirements of the national governing body[10]:

  • Have a minimum of 16 senior teams and 16 junior teams playing in a structured competition or competitions
  • Must have access to at least 8 cricket grounds, 4 of which must have a permanent pitch
Nation Governing body Member since
File:Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina Asociacion de Cricket Argentino 01974-01-011974[11]
File:Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Belgium Belgian Cricket Federation 01991-01-011991[12]
File:Flag of Bermuda.svg Bermuda Bermuda Cricket Board 01966-01-011966[2]
File:Flag of Botswana.svg Botswana Botswana Cricket Association 02001-01-012001[13]
File:Flag of Canada.svg Canada Cricket Canada 01968-01-011968[2]
File:Flag of the Cayman Islands.svg Cayman Islands Cayman Islands Cricket Association 01997-01-011997[14]
File:Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark Dansk Cricket Forbund 01966-01-011966[15]
File:Flag of Fiji.svg Fiji Fiji Cricket Association 01965-01-011965[16]
File:Flag of France.svg France Association France Cricket 01998-01-011998[17]
File:Flag of Germany.svg Germany Deutscher Cricket Bund 01999-01-011999[18]
File:Flag of Gibraltar.svg Gibraltar Gibraltar Cricket Association 01969-01-011969[19]
File:Flag of Guernsey.svg Guernsey Guernsey Cricket Association 02008-01-012008[20]
File:Flag of Hong Kong.svg Hong Kong Hong Kong Cricket Association 01969-01-011969[2]
File:Cricket Ireland flag.svg Ireland Irish Cricket Union 01993-01-011993[2]
File:Flag of Israel.svg Israel Israel Cricket Association 01974-01-011974[2]
File:Flag of Italy.svg Italy Federazione Cricket Italiana 01995-01-011995[21]
File:Flag of Japan.svg Japan Japan Cricket Association 01989-01-011989[22]
File:Flag of Jersey.svg Jersey Jersey Cricket Board 02007-01-012007[23]
File:Flag of Kenya.svg Kenya Cricket Kenya 01981-01-011981[2]
File:Flag of Kuwait.svg Kuwait Kuwait Cricket Association 01998-01-011998[24]
File:Flag of Malaysia.svg Malaysia Malaysian Cricket Association 01967-01-011967[25]
File:Flag of Namibia.svg Namibia Namibia Cricket Board 01992-01-011992[26]
File:Flag of Nepal.svg Nepal Cricket Association of Nepal 01996-01-011996[27]
File:Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands Koninklijke Nederlandse Cricket Bond 01966-01-011966[2]
File:Flag of Nigeria.svg Nigeria Nigeria Cricket Association 02002-01-012002[28]
File:Flag of Papua New Guinea.svg Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea Cricket Board 01973-01-011973[29]
File:Flag of Scotland.svg Scotland Cricket Scotland 01994-01-011994[2]
File:Flag of Singapore.svg Singapore Singapore Cricket Association 01974-01-011974[30]
File:Flag of Suriname.svg Suriname Surinaamse Cricket Bond 02002-01-012002[31]
File:Flag of Tanzania.svg Tanzania Tanzania Cricket Association 02001-01-012001[32]
File:Flag of Thailand.svg Thailand Thailand Cricket League 01995-01-011995[33]
File:Flag of Uganda.svg Uganda Uganda Cricket Association 01998-01-011998[34]
File:Flag of the United Arab Emirates.svg United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Cricket Board 01990-01-011990[35]
File:Flag of the United States.svg United States United States of America Cricket Association 01965-01-011965[2]
File:Flag of Vanuatu.svg Vanuatu Vanuatu Cricket Association 02009-01-012009[36]
File:Flag of Zambia.svg Zambia Zambia Cricket Union 02003-01-012003[37]

Affiliate Members[]

Affiliate members are countries where the ICC recognises that cricket is played according to the Laws of Cricket.[2] There are 60 Affiliate Members. An affiliate member must maintain the following criteria along with other administration requirements of the national governing body[38] :

  • Have a minimum of 8 senior teams and 4 junior teams playing in a structured competitions
  • Must have access to at least 2 cricket grounds
  • Must be capable of raising in excess of $2,500 each year in income from sources other than the ICC

In order for an affiliate member to be considered for becoming to an associate member the national governing body must demonstrate that it has met the criteria for associate membership and must have also met the following playing standards within the last three years[10] :

  • Competed in all relevant Global or Regional ICC international cricket competition for past 3 years
  • Ranked 1st, 2nd or 3rd highest affiliate in the region and
  • Have achieved one of the following:
    • 2 wins against any associate nation in 50 over matches
    • Twice been highly competitive against one of the top 20 associate nations in 50 over matches
    • Once beaten an associate member and once been competitive against one of the top 20 associates in 50 over matches
    • 3 wins against any associate nation in 20 over matches
    • 3 times been highly competitive against one of the top 20 associate nations in 20 over matches
    • Twice beaten an associate member and once been highly competitive against one of the top 20 associates in 20 over matches
    • Once beaten an associate member and twice been highly competitive against one of the top 20 associates in 20 over matches
    • 3 results in ICC global or regional events with results that include any mix of wins against associate members and/or highly competitive results against one of the top 20 associate members from 50 over and/or 20 over matches
Nation Governing body Member since
File:Flag of Afghanistan.svg Afghanistan Afghanistan Cricket Federation 02001-01-012001[39]
File:Flag of Austria.svg Austria Austrian Cricket Association 01992-01-011992[40]
File:Flag of the Bahamas.svg Bahamas Bahamas Cricket Association 01987-01-011987[41]
File:Flag of Bahrain.svg Bahrain Bahrain Cricket Association 02001-01-012001[42]
File:Flag of Belize.svg Belize Belize National Cricket Association 01997-01-011997[43]
File:Flag of Bhutan.svg Bhutan Bhutan Cricket Council Board 02001-01-012001[44]
File:Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil Associaçao Brasileira de Cricket 02002-01-012002[45]
File:Flag of Brunei.svg Brunei Brunei Darussalam National Cricket Association 01992-01-011992[46]
File:Flag of Bulgaria.svg Bulgaria Bulgaria Cricket Federation 02008-01-012008[47]
File:Flag of Cameroon.svg Cameroon Cameroon Cricket Association 02007-01-012007[48]
File:Flag of Chile.svg Chile Asociacion Chilena de Cricket 02002-01-012002[49]
File:Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg China Chinese Cricket Association 02004-01-012004[50]
File:Flag of the Cook Islands.svg Cook Islands Cook Islands Cricket Association 02000-01-012000[51]
File:Flag of Costa Rica.svg Costa Rica Costa Rica Cricket Federation 02002-01-012002[52]
File:Flag of Croatia.svg Croatia Croatia Cricket Board 02001-01-012001[53]
File:Flag of Cuba.svg Cuba Cuban Cricket Commission 02002-01-012002[54]
File:Flag of Cyprus.svg Cyprus Cyprus Cricket Association 01999-01-011999[55]
File:Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech Republic Czech Republic Cricket Union 02000-01-012000[56]
File:Flag of Estonia.svg Estonia Estonia Cricket Association 02008-01-012008[57]
File:Flag of the Falkland Islands.svg Falkland Islands Falkland Cricket Association 02007-01-012007[58]
File:Flag of Finland.svg Finland Finnish Cricket Association 02000-01-012000[59]
File:Flag of The Gambia.svg Gambia Gambia Cricket Association 02002-01-012002[60]
File:Flag of Ghana.svg Ghana Ghana Cricket Association 02002-01-012002[61]
File:Flag of Greece.svg Greece Hellenic Cricket Federation 01995-01-011995[62]
File:Flag of Hungary.svg Hungary Hungarian Cricket Association 02012-01-012012[63]
File:Flag of Indonesia.svg Indonesia Indonesia Cricket Foundation 02001-01-012001[64]
File:Flag of Iran.svg Iran Cricket Federation for the Islamic Republic of Iran 02003-01-012003[65]
File:Flag of the Isle of Man.svg Isle of Man Isle of Man Cricket Association 02004-01-012004[66]
File:Flag of Lesotho.svg Lesotho Lesotho Cricket Association 02001-01-012001[67]
File:Flag of Luxembourg.svg Luxembourg Luxembourg Cricket Federation 01998-01-011998[68]
File:Flag of Malawi.svg Malawi Malawi Cricket Association 02003-01-012003[69]
File:Flag of Maldives.svg Maldives Cricket Control Board of Maldives 01998-01-011998[70]
File:Flag of Mali.svg Mali Fédération Malienne de Cricket 02005-01-012005[2]
File:Flag of Malta.svg Malta Malta Cricket Association 01998-01-011998[71]
File:Flag of Mexico.svg Mexico Mexico Cricket Association 02004-01-012004[72]
File:Flag of Morocco.svg Morocco Moroccan Cricket Association 01999-01-011999[73]
File:Flag of Mozambique.svg Mozambique Mozambican Cricket Association 02003-01-012003[74]
File:Flag of Myanmar.svg Myanmar Myanmar Cricket Federation 02006-01-012006[75]
File:Flag of Norway.svg Norway Norwegian Cricket Board 02000-01-012000[76]
File:Flag of Oman.svg Oman Oman Cricket Board 02000-01-012000[77]
File:Flag of Panama.svg Panama Panama Cricket Association 02002-01-012002[78]
File:Flag of Peru.svg Peru Peru Cricket Association 02007-01-012007[2]
File:Flag of the Philippines.svg Philippines Philippines Cricket Association 02000-01-012000[79]
File:Flag of Portugal.svg Portugal Federação Portuguesa de Cricket 01996-01-011996[80]
File:Flag of Qatar.svg Qatar Qatar Cricket Association 01999-01-011999[81]
File:Flag of Russia.svg Russia Cricket Russia 02012-01-012012[82]
File:Flag of Rwanda.svg Rwanda Rwanda Cricket Association 02003-01-012003[83]
File:Flag of Samoa.svg Samoa Cricket Samoa 02000-01-012000[84]
File:Flag of Saudi Arabia.svg Saudi Arabia Saudi Cricket Centre 02003-01-012003[85]
File:Flag of the Seychelles.svg Seychelles Seychelles Cricket Association 02010-01-012010[86]
File:Flag of Sierra Leone.svg Sierra Leone Sierra Leone Cricket Association 02002-01-012002[87]
File:Flag of Slovenia.svg Slovenia Slovenian Cricket Association 02005-01-012005[88]
File:Flag of South Korea.svg South Korea Korea Cricket Association 02001-01-012001[89]
File:Flag of Spain.svg Spain Asociacion Española de Cricket 01992-01-011992[90]
File:Flag of Saint Helena.svg Saint Helena St Helena Cricket Association 02001-01-012001[91]
File:Flag of Swaziland.svg Swaziland Swaziland Cricket Association 02007-01-012007[92]
File:Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden Swedish Cricket Federation 01997-01-011997[93]
File:Flag of Tonga.svg Tonga Tonga Cricket Association 02000-01-012000[94]
File:Flag of Turkey.svg Turkey Turkey Cricket Board 02008-01-012008[95]
File:Flag of the Turks and Caicos Islands.svg Turks and Caicos Islands Turks and Caicos Cricket Association 02002-01-012002[96]

Former Affiliate Members[]

Nation Governing body Membership Period
File:Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland Swiss Cricket Association 01985-01-011985-02012-01-012012


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