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The ICC World Twenty20 (also referred to as the ICC World T20 or the T20 World Cup) is the international championship of Twenty20 Cricket Organised by crickets governing body, the International Cricket council (ICC), the tournament consists of 12 teams, comprising all ten IC Full Members and two other ICC members chosen through the ICCI World Twenty20 Qualifier. The event is generally held every two years, and all matches are accorded Twenty20 international status.

Rules and regulations[]

During the group stage and Super Eight, points are awarded to the teams as follows:

Results Points
Win 2 points
No result 1 point
Loss 0 points

In case of a tie (that is, both teams scoring the same number of runs at the end of their respective innings), a Super Over would decide the winner. In the case of a tie occurring again in the Super Over, the match is won by the team that has scored the most sixes in their innings. This is applicable in all stages of the tournament, having been implemented during the 2009 tournament. During the 2007 tournament, a bowl-out was used to decide the winner of tied matches.

Within each group (both group stage & Super Eight stage), teams are ranked against each other based on the following criteria:

  1. Higher number of points
  2. If equal, higher number of wins
  3. If still equal, higher net rune rate
  4. If still equal, lower bowling strike rate
  5. If still equal, result of head to head meeting.
  6. If still equal, each team gets a point.